What we in New Voting Technology Consulting can offer you

We provide services you need when implementing ICT in elections. We are independent from suppliers of election systems and don't offer any products.

Elections as a service

NVTC delivered internet voting to 10 norwegian municipalities in 2016.


ICT security in elections

How to prevent cyber attacks on election systems.


Internet Voting

Our team have successfully implemented internet voting in Norwegian elections in 2011, 2013 and 2016


Feasibility studies and public consultations

Is your country ready for e-voting?


Verifiable and transparent elections

How to increase trust in e-voting


Specification and acquisition of election systems

We know the market and how to handle vendors.


Project management

We know how to handle fixed deadlines in ICT-election projects.


Team of NVTC

The NVTC team consist of the people previously employed in the Ministry in Norway and responsible for implementing internet voting and a total new ICT election platform for all election in Norway in 2011 and 2013. As associate partners we have the international academics who evaluated the process in Norway.Our team consists of a group of highly qualified experts with background in elections and ICT.

MSC(Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet), MBA (University of Navarra). 2008-2015 Project Manager at the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Norway, responsible for the E-vote2011 and E-vote2013 projects. Ale responsible for alle the central ICT systems supporting the Norwegian elections. Prior to that, he worked as a manager for a private-sector IT consultancy in Norway.

From 2009-2011 I was the security and technical manager for the e-vote 2011-project in the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. In this project we delivered what is arguably the worlds first and most advanced verifiable electronic voting system suitable for use in public elections, along with a brand new EMS (electoral management system) and e-counting system. Piloting of the e-voting system continued in 2013, while the EMS and e-counting systems were rolled out on a national level. After the project period I remained the security and technical operations manager for all elections support systems owned and operated by The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Researcher in cryptography, information security, electronic elections and electronic identification..

Educated at New York University, WU Vienna University of Economics and Tallinn University of Technology. Professor of e-Governance at Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology. Former Senior Adviser on New Voting Technologies with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) in Warsaw, Poland. Founder and Managing Director of the Competence Center for Electronic Voting and Participation (E-Voting.CC GmbH) in Vienna, Austria; 1999-2001 Vice Chairman of Student Union; Associated Editor International Journal Government Information Quarterly; Over 80 international publications, 5 edited books; Awarded by BMW and the New York University. Specialties: E-governance, E-voting, E-democracy

PhD (Carnegie Mellon University), is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, focusing on information security, cryptography, language-based security, formal methods, computational social choice and trust. He leads the DemTech research project on trustworthy democratic technologies, an interdisciplinary research effort between computer science and social science that studies trust in the use of technology in elections. In 2002, he received the NSF CAREER award.

He has been advising on electoral systems and election laws in a number of countries and territories including Iraq, Palestine, Nepal, Sudan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2004 he was an advisor to the legal committee of PLC when drafting the general election law. From May 1999 to November 2000 Vollan was Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina responsible for organising the two elections held in 2000. In the period 1996 to 2005 he headed eleven OSCE/ODIHR election observation missions, in 1995-96 he led the Norwegian observation mission to the Palestinian elections and in March 2002 he was head of the Norwegian election observation mission to Zimbabwe. From 2003 to present he has issued opinions on election laws for the Council of Europe Venice Commission. From 2006 to present he has been involved in the development of feasible electoral systems for Nepal and supported the Election Commission of Nepal in their work on election laws and their implementation, including the implementation of complex quota systems for excluded groups. Vollan, who is an applied mathematician by profession, has published a number of articles and reports on electoral issues. In addition he is a management consultant in the area of risk management, contracts, project management and quality assurance. Specialities:Elections, management consultancy, quality assurance, contracts negotiations, risk assessments, project management.

Our Success Stories

Out team have had different roles in organising and supporting Elections worldwide.
Here you will find some of the sucsess stories

Internet-Voting in Municipal Elections 2011

Successful Municipal Elections in Norway. 10 municipalities and 1 county participated in the pilot.


New Election Administration System

For all 428 municipalities...


Internet-Voting in Parliament Elections 2013

Internet voting was piloted for the second time in 13 municipalities for the Parliament election in 2013


New role for EMB in Norway

New election system owned, maintained and operated by the government


Info site for election administrators

Info to 30.000 election workers


Ballot scanning

New system for scanning of ballots


New user support

We have made a new organisation for supporting all 10.000 elections workers


Facilitate a new law