The Ministry as a ICT sevice provider of a new election system owned, maintained and operated by the Norwegian government

In 2007 the Parliament decided to pilot evoting in Norway. Henrik Nore was employed in the ministry as project manager. In 2009 the parliament approved also to implement at election administration system, owned, maintained and operated by the government. This because Norway wanted better democratic control over the IT-systems used for elections. Prior to the 2011 election SW and services was provided by private vendors to the municipalities. The new role for the EMB as a ICT service provider have made it more difficult to be inside the Ministry. This is one of the reasons why Norway will have a EMB outside the ministry from 2016.

Project Milestones:

2005: Feasibility study evoting
2007: Parliament approval
2008: Project starts
2010: Internet voting tested in 10 referenda
2011: Local and regional election.Internet voting, ballet scanning and new administration system pilot in 10 municipalities
2012: ICT operations for elections moved to the ministry
2013: Parliament election. Internet pilot in 12 municipalities. Full roll-out of election admin. system
2015: Local and regional election. No internet voting. Full roll-out of ballot scanning 2016: A new directorate for elections in Norway