What we in New Voting Technology Consulting can offer you

We provide services needed when implementing ICT in elections.

Internet Voting

Secure internet voting is arguably one of the hardest problems in computing. If not properly managed, an internet voting project can quickly become stranded in a war of words. Our teammebers was then employed by the ministy and instrumental in the running of two highly successful internet voting pilots in Norway in 2011 and 2013, managing the projects from beginning to end.

These pilots were unique in that they were not subject to strong opposition from academia. This was the result of our unique approach to openness, transparency and cooperation.

Once you've decided to implement internet voting, we can assist you at every stage of the project, from managing the entire project on site, to advising you on specifics and even auditing or performing quality assurance on your project.

  • Link to the Carter Center mission report on e-voting in Norway 2013:
  • Link to article by Stenerud and Bull at evote.cc 2012: