What we in New Voting Technology Consulting can offer you

We provide services needed when implementing ICT in elections.

Feasibility study and public consultations

How is the political climate, IT-infrastructure, public opinion, legal framework in your country. Before you get funds and initiate a project it might be a good idea to try find out if your country is is ready for e-voting.

Political climate:
Implementing new voting mechanisms take time and will last for more than one election period in parliament. Are you confident that that this will not be cancelled a new government? Its a good idea to organise public consultations

Legal framework:
In many countries the election law prevents implementing e-voting. Changing the law can take many years.

Trust in EMB:
E-voting require trust. The process is more difficult to observe and if the public does not trust the EMB e-voting is not a good idea. Academia, public opinion and the press:
If the academia turn against you, the implementation creates a lot of noise and might stop you.

ICT infrastructure:
e-voting relays on reasonable quality of the ICT infrastructure in order to avoid technical problems.

  • Link to the the e-voting feasibility study in Norway 2006: