What we in New Voting Technology Consulting can offer you

We provide services needed when implementing ICT in elections.

Specification and acquisition of election systems

We know the market and how to handle vendors.
It does not exist a standard e-voting system that can be used without modification. All countries have different legal framework, and democratic traditions. This must be implemented in the system.

Don't try to make a complete specification. Involve the vendors before you decide what to by. We had great success using the EU procurement procedure "competitive dialogue" Had we approached it differently the end result for Norway would not have been as good .

To be a successful customer you must have sufficient knowledge on your side. If not the vendor will control the process, not you.

  • Link to "The Use of Open Source Technology in Elections" book by Krimmer/Schuremann/Nore:
  • Link to spesification and procurement documents Norway 2009:
  • Link to technical documents Norway 2013