Elections as a service

The Norwegian parliament in 2015 decided to implement a reform to reduce the number of municipalities. This was a voluntary process. Many municipalities have decided to ask their citizens in advisory referenda, whether or not to merge with neighboring municipalities. In 2016 NVTC AS delivered internet based referenda in 10 municipalities:

Stavanger      (18-27. May)
Sola                (18-27. May)
Hammerfest (18-27. May)
Måsøy            (18-27. May)
Kvalsund       (18-27. May)
Ås                   (30. May-12. June)
Ski                  (30. May-10. June)
Nesodden     (30. May-8. June)
Nord-Odal     (5-9. Sept)
Sør-Odal        (5-9. Sept)

In the first 8 cases we used the open source system developed by the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in 2011. Later, for Nord- and Sør-Odal we partnered with Scytl SA of Spain to deliver the election using their product.

Main observations from the elections:
% Internetvotes of total votes in Ås: 81,4 %
% Internetvotes early voting in Stavanger: 96,6 %
% Internetvotes voting day in Ås: 76,0 %
Total turnout in Nord-Odal: 60,9 %

  • Link excel file with %turnout for all municapalites

  • Link to municipal results